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LTOMOur advanced standardized laboratory of over 3700 square meters is equipped with a complete set of various experimental facilities and has been awarded the "Provincial Enterprise Technology Center". It

  • meets various organic synthesis reactions such as lithiation, nitrification, carbonylation, acylating chlorination, sulfonation, ammoniation, chlorination;

  • has certificate of storage and use of hazardous chemicals;

  • is equipped with multiple analysis and testing equipment such as LCMS, GCMS, NMR, polarimeter, water analyzer and PH meter.

We have successively established joint laboratories with many well-known universities and undertaken a number of government scientific research and innovation projects.

In 2016, our company made a major breakthrough in the R&D of OLED materials and intermediates and formed independent intellectual property rights.

At present, our annual R&D investment far exceeds the average level of the same industry. Thanks to our inventions and key research projects, we have been awarded by national and provincial governments.



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China's well-known developer and manufacturer of OLED materials

and intermediates as well as Pharmaceutical intermediates.

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